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increase your web ranking in Google rankings with relatively cheap prices and the best results.

internet marketing world online is a contemporary reality, ga online will be left behind. using another web marketplace, posting is regulated, lots of requirements. better make your own page

types of websites
– microsite
– company site
– web shop-online (e-commerce)

A good website design is still not enough if no one is visiting. One source of traffic is search engine rankings such as Google, Bing.
with a good ranking position will increase sales

Our Technical

all are white-seo / legal :

– on-page optimization
– a source of quality backlinks & variative
– have a public site for backlinks & advertisement
– have many social media accounts & big fb group & many
– our ‘special’ techniques
With the techniques above, we offer SEO services at an affordable price with good and fast ranking results

New Research

Google has an algorithm related to SEO, which at certain times changes. The old way is sometimes not fair to the parties involved. not effective for now


Choices according to your needs
Micro Package
$25 /15days
Raising the ranking/SERP to the top (1-5) from the bottom (6-10) page1.
especially for small-business with low competition
(can only contract 1 month)
$100 /months
For new/old small-business that are not yet on page 1 (try to be on the top rank1-5)
$100/month (30-45 days processing time, min contract 2 months)
$1000 /month
Lots of keywords & products
Lots on page #1
Indexed a lot
Many touches
Full Support

If you want another package, you can discuss & consult

The cost package is affected, the level of competition for keywords, the level of the product (some are quite low on keyword competition but the advertising costs are high, because the products are luxurious). So to determine the cost, you can discuss & consult first

Reason for choosing us

simply is proof & a more affordable cost

Goal Rangking

Ranking #1 almost always achieved (especially the low-middle scale). just page1 usually easy 🙂

Target Dateline

Often precedes the dateline


With the techniques above, we offer SEO services at affordable prices with good and fast ranking results


For the convenience of customers of course need a warranty. but to be both delicious, there needs to be a fair payment. (which means a 20-80% money back guarantee).

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