Swimming Pool Builders Contractors in Riverside CA

If yoy are need a company of Swimming Pool Builders Contractors in Riverside, San Bernardino California and nearby.
Designers & installation, We also provide renovation services, maintenance, cleaning, pool treatment Experience in making swimming pools of high quality and artistic value with experts to produce the best works for client

types of inground swimming pools:
-minimalist type
-specially for hot water Jacuzzi
-rooftop swimming pool
-also making waterboom



1. Payment I, paid 25% when the work starts
2. Payment II, paid 25% after pembesian, reinforcement construction is complete
3. Payment III, paid 25% after casting is complete
4. Payment IV, paid 25% after finishing work is completed (before installation of pumps, filters and swimming pool lights) & after the clear water is ready to use (after the handover of the work)

1. Concrete : K250, K300, K400
2. Walls: Red Brick, Hebel
3. Concrete: Reinforced concrete, iron combination, double and beam uk 35 x 20
4. Water Profing
5. Finishing the walls and floor of the ceramic pool similar to the MAS SEA HORSE MOZAIC / ROMAN CERAMIC / ASIA TILE CERAMIC / SAMSON CERAMIC
6. The swimming pool has many choices: Andesite Stone 30 x 30, 30 x 60, Jogja Paras Stone 30 x 30, 30 X 60, Granite, Terrazzo Cor with an average thickness of 3 cm, so that the swimming pool looks luxurious and exclusive
7. Here’s the making of the machine room
8. The box panel is equipped with a safety and timer so you don’t have to worry about a short circuit in the electricity

A selection of quality products from well-known brands and guaranteed Hayward ex. USA, ASTRAL ex. AU, PENTAIR

there are also chemical drugs specifically for swimming pools, various accessories, filters and pumps

for reference to choose, below are list if builders, swimming pool contractors in area riverside, san bernarndino california (sorting by reviews & stars from google busines)

1. Infinite Pools | stars 4.5* , 16 reviews
address: 9355 Magnolia Ave, Riverside. Phone: +1 951-354-9888

2. Secard Pools | stars 4.2* , 88 reviews
address: 960 N Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92410, US Phone: +1 909-884-4101

3. SoCal pools | stars 4.7* , 10 reviews
address: San Bernardino & nearby phone: +1 909-843-7172

4. Trinity Custom Pools | stars 4.2* , 25 reviews
address: 2702 Kathleen St, Riverside Phone: +1 951-236-0725

5. Bogner Pools | stars 4.2* , 22 reviews
address: 5045 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside Phone: +1 951-688-5543


this page can be rent for 100$/3monts

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Some of the benefits of swimming, for example training muscles, losing weight, to relieve stress. In fact, launching the National Health Service, the goal of swimming regularly is to minimize chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

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